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Boarding School and Ranch for Boys Who are Struggling with School, the Law, or Other Life-Controlling Issues


Vero Beach Boys Ranch is a Christian Boarding School Designed for Boys Struggling with School, the Law, or Other Life-Controlling Issues

therapeutic boarding school for boysVero Beach Boys Ranch is an affordable Christ-centered residential boys ranch for at-risk boys, located in Vero Beach, Florida. We believe in the potential within each boy no matter how much trouble they are causing for themselves or their family. Our Christian staff bring positive goals and purpose to boys who have been struggling with life-controlling issues such as anger, substance abuse, inappropriate behavior, or lack of respect for authority. We believe that the first change must be a heart change . . . a knowledge that God has a purpose and a plan for each boy’s life. Vero Beach Boys Ranch gives at-risk boys a new perspective and a fresh new start toward a successful and fulfilling life.

boarding schools with equine therapyEquine Therapy

 Winston Churchill said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” Horses are an important part of our therapeutic boarding school at Vero Beach Boys Ranch.

boys ranch Music Therapy
Music is good for the soul…and music plays a big role in the therapeutic programs at Vero Beach Boys Ranch. Many of the boys bring their own instruments and have impromptu jam sessions throughout the day. 
troubled teen schools Fishing for Serenity
Washington Irving said, “There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.” We agree with that, which is why the boys spend a great deal of time on Florida waterways.

An Ideal Therapeutic Setting for Counseling Teens

boarding schools with therapy

Vero Beach Boys Ranch is a Teen Challenge non-profit program designed to reach and teach boys who are struggling. We have a well-equipped gym, weight room, soccer field, baseball diamond, pool, fishing ponds, horses, and professional fishing boats for frequent fishing trips in the area waterways and ocean. We take every opportunity to form strong relationships with each student and regularly see life-change taking place while the boys are involved in these physical activities.

Our Boarding School Features Adventure Outings

boys ranch

Hiking, canoeing, camping, and outdoor activities are usually not a part of the lives of most young people today, but they are with the boys here. God’s great outdoors is a great place for each of us to connect with each other and with God. It is through these fun outings that we so often are able to get the root of the issues in a boy’s life. It’s an easy place to talk and share hurts and pains; then the campfire that evening gives opportunity to further talk and pray for one another. These trips are memory makers that last a lifetime!

Typical Day in This Boarding School for Boys

This Teen Challenge program for boys has been developed to encourage the boys to cope with and master everyday life issues, academics and responsibility. Boys typically rise at 6:00 am. Teenage boys can eat a lot, so breakfast is an important part of the three healthy meals the boys receive daily. After school, every student on the ranch engages in sporting activities. The day normally ends with “lights out” at 10:00 pm.

Vero Beach is a boarding school that is much lower in cost than other therapeutic boarding schools for boys. And keep in mind that financing and transport options are available. See our Admissions page or fill in our Inquiry Form, or speak to the director by calling (772) 978-4164.


Should you need help finding Christian military schools, Christian military schools, or troubled teen homes, please let us know.

Boarding schools and ranches for troubled boys like this Teen Challenge ranch for boys can help at-risk teenage boys who are exhibiting oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intermittent explosive disorder (IED), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), drug or substance abuse or addictions, reactive attachment disorder (RAD), or rebellion against authority. Vero Beach is a Teen Challenge home and ranch for boys.

While this Teen Challenge program for boys is not a military school, military schools are often a parent’s first thought when their boy is in trouble. Military schools can change teen behavior temporarily, but not lasting change. Military high schools rarely enroll troubled teens, and while they can change a boy’s actions, they do not change hearts and minds. The main motivation for change at military schools is not therapy, counseling nor spiritual renewal, so military schools fail to uncover and work on the core issues of why a boy is misbehaving or self-destructing. For a troubled boy, rather than seeking military schools and boot camps, longer lasting help can be found from therapeutic programs like this one.

Therapeutic Boarding School | Vero Beach Teen Challenge

Christian boarding schools for boys like Vero Beach provide troubled boys with teen counseling for boys and adolescent therapy, not unlike military schools and boot camps. This Teen Challenge ranch for boys provides counseling and therapy to troubled teen boys from the southeast and especially from Florida, Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, and as far away as in California.