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The Ranch for Boys is a program for boys ages 12-17.  We have open enrollment year round. We realize that enrolling your son in a residential program can be difficult and overwhelming for you, so we have done all we can to simplify the process. 

The first step for admission into the program is to contact us. We’ll tell you more about the program and you can tell us about your son.  You can then decide whether or not to pursue enrolling your son here.

There is no need to fill in an Application at this point, but it can be downloaded here (PDF 3.5MB) >>.


The second admissions step is a longer phone interview between the parents of the prospective student and our Intake Coordinator.  After the interview is conducted, an email will be sent that includes the Application and Parent Handbook.  

After we have determined initially that your boy may be a good fit for our program, you are welcome to fill out the Application.

For your son’s safety and for continuity of the program, we do not enroll students who:

  •  Have a mental illness that is not manageable without psychiatric medication
  •  Have demonstrated same-sex predatory behaviors
  •  Have significant developmental delay
  •  Have serious tendencies toward arson, suicide or violent aggression
  •  Have a significant health condition or illness requiring ongoing medical care.

The Pre-Admission Interview

The Pre-Admission Interview is conducted to make certain that we can effectively address the student’s needs. Talking to us and visiting (if you can) will go a long way in helping you determine if this is the right place for your son. We want you to see first hand who we are and what we do. Most importantly we want you to meet the staff and other boys here at The Boys Ranch.

We are not a lockdown facility. We believe the strongest deterrent is a program that makes a student feel positive and safe about himself and his opportunities in the world.

Credit ApplicationProsper Healthcare Lending works with a number of different banks and credit unions to arrange for customized financing for our program. They offer many different types of financing options, including fixed rate/fixed term financing to help you spread out payments over time. Please do not submit an application until we have determined that your son is a good fit for our program.

About Insurance

Most insurance companies consider The Boys Ranch a private boarding school, not a psychological treatment program.  Please contact your individual insurance provider to determine if they will participate.

For DCF Caseworkers

If you are a DCF caseworker, please contact us for placement information.

Discover How Affordable The Ranch for Boys Is

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The Ranch for Boys is a Teen Challenge boarding school for troubled boys that is lower in cost than typical therapeutic boarding schools for boys, but it is not free nor government subsidized.

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Should you need help finding therapeutic boarding schools or reform schools or Christian boarding schools or schools troubled teens, please let us know. This Teen Challenge boys ranch helps at-risk teenage boys who are exhibiting oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intermittent explosive disorder (IED), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), drug or substance abuse or addictions.