We PLEDGE to serve every student with Christ-like compassion, respect and guidance.
We COMMIT to address the needs of students and to assist them in the development of godly character.
We DEDICATE ourselves to mentor and to nurture meaningful relationships, inspiring hope for the future.

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    Reverend Sweigard – Executive Director

    Maynard has been with Teen Challenge since 1973. From early adolescence until he entered Rehrersburg Teen Challenge in Pennsylvania, he was heavily involved with substance abuse. In 1974, he graduated from Rehrersburg and entered Teen Challenge Ministry Institute, which was started by David Wilkerson, the founder of Teen Challenge. He went on to pastor two churches and to serve as Indian River County Jail Chaplain. While in Bible College, he met his wife, Barbara. They married in May of 1975 and have raised two sons, Nathan and Aaron.

  • Aaron Sweigard — Program Director-Jesup

    Aaron Sweigard has been a part of this Teen Challenge since the beginning.  He is the youngest son of Reverend Sweigard.  As Program Director of the Jesup campus, Aaron manages the daily routine of that program.    His other tasks include whatever needs done at the time– such as morning devotions and student trips.  Currently, he is working on a degree in business finance at Florida Atlantic University.

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    Kim Richards – Office Manager

    Kim Richards has been the Office Manager at Teen Challenge for over 5 years. She came to know about our program by attending the same local church, Central Assembly, where she is active in the children’s ministry.   Here at Teen Challenge she is the Office Manager and handles intake coordinating, she does the bookkeeping, filing, scheduling, and phone operating. She has a compassionate heart for the families here and works closely with parents during the intake process. Kim’s background includes a BA degree in Psychology from West Virginia University.

    She has a certified nursing assistant certification and an addictions specialist certification. Recently she was enrolled in an Administrative Assistant Program at Indian River State College. Currently she owns and operates a cleaning business part time which she started in 2001. She is also a Tupperware Manager and has a daughter, Jessica, who graduated Indian River State College.

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    Warren Davidson- Administrative Support

    Warren Davidson began volunteering with Teen Challenge in September of 2009.   He became acquainted with the program while attending Central Assembly of God Church in Vero Beach after moving to the area from Fort Myers.  Warren retired from Wachovia Bank after a long career in the financial services industry.  While working he was predominately involved with managing day to day bank operations including expansion projects, human resources and accounting.  Warren graduated from Central Assembly of God School of Leaders in March 2012.  Warren is married to Doris; they have 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.  Doris also volunteers in the program.

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    Linda VanAntwerp – Administrative Support

    Linda VanAntwerp has been acquainted with Barb and Maynard Sweigard and family for over 25 yrs.  Her late husband Clay was an integral part of many of the building projects as well as maintenance on the ranch for the last 3 years.  He now resides in our redeemer’s paradise.  Linda works as parent-staff communicator, appointment scheduling, intake of new students, mail sorting and driver.  Prior to working at Teen Challenge, Linda had 2 years college, worked for Honeywell, and an Attorney.  She has 4 children and 9 grandchildren.  She has seen the progress of TC Ranch for Boys since it’s beginning 15 years ago.

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    Connie Jenkins – Education Administrator

    Connie Jenkins is the Education Administrator for Vero Beach Teen Challenge.  Although her skill set is varied, her primary duty is to see each and every student succeed academically.  Implementing values such as hard work, respectability, and meticulous preparation, she reminds each student that no matter what depths they’ve been too; or how far behind they’ve fallen academically theirs is a life worthy of redemption. Although Connie has some college credits, it’s the school of hard knocks which has given her the most valuable knowledge.  Connie is a former graduate of the Teen Challenge program herself and it’s that servant’s heart that she learned to nurture while at Teen Challenge that is still beating today.

  • James Earl Petty – Case Manager, Fitness Instructor

    James Earl Petty has been married for 15 years to Sherry Anne Petty and they have five amazing kids, James, Samantha, Brianna, Josh and Donavan. James received his Bachelors from Southwestern Assemblies of God University and is now a candidate of a Masters of Organizational Leadership. He is a case manager and fitness instructor at Vero Beach Ranch for Boys.

  • Sherry Anne Petty – Classroom Monitor and Case Manager

    Sherry Anne Petty has been married for 15 years to James Earl Petty and they have five amazing kids, James, Samantha, Brianna, Josh, and Donavan. Annie has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Human Services with a Specialization in Counseling from Southwestern Assemblies of God University and is a candidate of a Masters in Education. She is the classroom monitor and case manager at Vero Beach Ranch for Boys.

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Should you need help finding boys ranches, or therapeutic schools, or ranches for troubled teens, let us know because we can help. Boarding schools and ranches for troubled boys like this Teen Challenge ranch for boys help at-risk teenage boys who are exhibiting oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intermittent explosive disorder (IED), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), drug or substance abuse or addictions. Vero Beach is a Teen Challenge home and ranch for boys. While this Teen Challenge program for boys is not a military school, military schools are often a parent’s first thought when their boy is in trouble. Military schools can change teen behavior temporarily, but not lasting change. Military high schools rarely enroll troubled teens, and while they can change a boy’s actions, they do not change hearts and minds.